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About Us

AMS Constructions is a privately owned and operated business that prides itself on delivering projects within the collaborative parameters established with our clients. AMS Constructions has established itself as a successful construction company offering comprehensive, holistic management controls, highly competitive pricing, and quality outcomes.

We offer a tailored client service combined with leading construction expertise to ensure each build, from small to large scale projects, are completed in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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Our Story

AMS Constructions began full commercial operations in 2015 and is a family-owned company with more than four decades of industry experience.

In this short time, the company has undergone considerable and managed growth within the commercial construction industry, with the completion of small refurbishments through to large developments.

AMS Constructions’ strong desire to exceed project delivery expectations in terms of quality, safety, value and program is what will continue to drive our growth and success as a company.

Our Team

Our team is made up of a range of construction professionals with more than four decades of experience in the industry. We are self-motivated, committed and forward-thinking individuals who are proud to represent AMS Constructions. We pride ourselves on working in a passionate and productive manner where we thrive on challenge, complexity, and collaboration.

Our progressive approach and positive attitude help set us apart from others. Our professionalism and client-first focus combined with clear lines of communication enable us to deliver high-quality outcomes for our clients.

Who We Are
Angelo Panayi


With over 45 years of construction experience, Angelo has worked across almost every type of project from small refurbishment to large development. This sees him offer significant expertise leading AMS Constructions.

Starting as a domestic builder, moving into industrial design & construct, and to multi-level apartments sent Angelo off to a flying start early in his career. Soon after he completed a number of mixed-use projects, he started his own venture under the newly founded AMS Constructions.

By ensuring strong client focus in himself and the team, Angelo has a keen desire to exceed project delivery expectations in terms of quality, safety, value and program.

Liam Panayi


Liam has proven himself to be a conscientious and self-motivated Director, through over 9 years of experience in commercial construction, seeing him earn the position of Director of AMS Constructions.

Liam’s meticulous and methodical approach has ensured an outstanding performance record in the delivery of all projects undertaken. With a focus on quality, budget and programme, Liam consistently exceeds project expectations without compromising on safety or environmental requirements. His calm, positive and supportive demeanour allows him to lead and drive his team to achieve the necessary results. Combine this with his strong management skillset, it ensures Liam can add real value to any project allocated, whether it be large or small.